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Danielle O’Connor Akiyama is a Toronto-based Canadian artist who has been painting for twenty-five years. Dannielle has worked with emotionally disturbed adolescents and oncology patients for many years. Since leaving her work as a therapist, Danielle has dedicated herself to the life of painting.

Danielles style is loose and impressionistic. Firmly rooted in the tradition of watercolour, her painting has evolved into a spirit of exploration. Her personal vocabulary which includes acrylics and oils as well, all evoke a sense of excitement of the journey. In order to understand the strength and simplicity of a single brushstroke, Danielle studied sumi-e, Japanese brush painting. Upon receiving her master’s seal, the head sensei named her "Chi-Sho", which means a source of joy, and embodies both the artistic process and the observer’s viewpoint. Each work bears her chop as well as her signature Danielle O'Connor Akiyama.
This mastery of blending east/west artistry is evident, and has led to her works being highly prized by many Asian collectors. Strength of skill and brush technique, (fude no chikara), blend with knowledge of colour and shadow, giving rise to beauties voice. Impressions and feelings are absorbed in mediation, synthesized, and brought into being by the mighty stroke of a charged brush. Full of free spirited joy; driven by courage and intention, guided by natures beauty, each stroke is a step on a journey; each painting a cycle in the evolution of style, leading to the frontier of possibility.

Whether it is a riotous party of flowers, a single magnificent blossom, or a tranquil terrain of a place remembered, there is always a hidden mystery in the under painting. This aspect of Danielles work is what lies at the heart of her creations. Her use of layering evokes a cadence, which echoes back to the moment of original inspiration. The spirit of the subject (kokoromochi) is preserved.