Born and raised in the historic naval centre of Greenwich, London, the sea and Admiralty have been a major influence on Brian's life and career. At 18 he left the family home and joined the Merchant Navy.

Having met and married his wife during this time, he decided that after three years of life on the sea, he would settle down and have a family.

With no formal training, Brian decided to take up painting. He revisited the collections in the Maritime Museum in his hometown and became empowered in his desire to paint.

Turner, the English master artist, greatly influenced his early style of painting. Turner's dynamic use of paint, used to capture the light and scale of a sea storm and the subject, was the starting point for Brian. Light became the key components of his pictures and studies.

As his confidence grew as a painter, he began to experiment with a more impressionistic style of painting. He traveled to Paris and Giverny to study 19th Century masters Monet, Seurat and Renoir. He echoed these masters by painting scenes 'in situ'. Through his admiration for Seurat, his paintings have evolved to become interpretations of leisurely pursuits. He is still occupied by light and contrast, but his works are now infused with gentle past times; walks in the park, a morning cafe and a continental market at dawn.