Bruno Tinucci was born in 1947 in Livorno and is a self-taught painter. He began to paint by chance in 1969, when for some days he was in the local hospital. The works of an in-patient, a painter, struck him. A bright sparkling idea lit up his soul and he began to paint, entering into a new world made by lights, shadows, visions and colours.

He studied the most famous painters’ works from Livorno whilst trying to outline his own identity. From his first works it’s clear that he is on line with the “livornese” artistic tradition. He is a restless painter, his drawing are rich in colours, almost material; each stroke of the brush comes out from the inner side of him. His paintings have a soul. At the beginning he didn’t attach importance to the subjects of his paintings, he used to say “a masterpiece can be born with only a blade of grass, colours enliven the paintings afterwards. The message inside the painting is important. Important is the contest where these message are laying.”

As years go by, Tinucci achieves an important artisitic maturity, after 50 years he still has an inner power so strong that comes out from his paintings. He keeps up the classic “livornese” artistic tradition but he uses figures and a range of colours in a modern style.