1: 'Darcey in Three Movements' - l/edition signed by Darcey and artist Fletcher Sibthorp - framed £545.
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Born in Hertfordshire, England in 1967, Fletcher Sibthorp has had a successful career as a painter since graduating with Honours in 1989.

Fletcher’s paintings adorn the walls of art galleries, restaurants, private residences and commercial premises around the world and have featured on the covers of many books. He is one of the most successful published artists in the UK today, with many of his limited edition prints highly sought after.

Primarily a figurative painter, Fletcher draws his inspiration from many different sources; books, music, travel and – more specifically – dance performances.

Although some critics believe that Fletcher Sibthorp is a traditional painter; his methods are in practice highly experimental. Fletcher himself refers to his style of work as painting by serendipity, or painting on the edge.

For most of his paintings Fletcher produces a line drawing and/or colour study on drawing film before he paints the final piece. If he is happy with a particular drawing he will keep it and use it as the basis for a colour study. These studies allow him to get to know his subject and to decide if there is an area on which he particularly wants to focus. They also allow him to experiment with colour, body movement and light.