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Gary Walton has always had a passion for art. Even in his early school days, he was very talented with his painting skills. In Gary's earliest days at school, Salvador Dali was the artist who really inspired him with his surrealist images; His work was unique and stylized; he seemed to stand out from all the other artists.
Gary began to take art a little more seriously in what he describes as being his "mature years".
"I'd been painting pictures for a while now but never really had a style I could really call my own, I seemed to class myself as run of the mill which was ok but I wanted to be different.
"I started to look deep inside myself to create my own style. Frustration was a big factor knowing that if I wanted to be different it was not going to be easy. My colour scheme needed attention too.
"It did not happen right away, I had sketched ideas to help represent my new work repeatedly, until my creation was born and I was happy of what I had created and hope people would like."
Once Gary was happy with what he had painted, he then had to put this into practice. It was a success and you can see if you look at his images today. A sort of whimsical, romantic, happy and almost graphic style is how Gary would describe his work.
"I love my own work which makes me very happy," he concludes.