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Gillian McDonald can be frequently found combing the hills and cliffs for new landscapes.

Gillian also enjoys walking in woodland and gardens working on floral compositions, which she weaves into her landscapes. Gillian McDonald's unusual and daring use of colour is her hallmark. Gillian's feel for the tradition of the countryside and its ancient buildings, the vibrancy of her flowers, and the drama of her skies make for the harmony of her highly collectable Limited Edition Prints.

After studying at a London art college, Gillian McDonald developed her love for watercolour in Indonesia where she lived for several years before settling in Wales in 1983. Since then Gillian McDonald has concentrated exclusively on this medium and has published over 100 prints in limited editions, many of which are sold out. In January 2004 Gillian McDonald was voted the most popular female UK artist in a survey by The Fine Art Trade Guild and second most popular artist overall.