1. Blue Skies over Winter - 14x18 in signed l/edition -  Framed.    
2: Out for a Walk - 14x18 in - signed l/edition - SOLD
3: Out of the Clouds -  - 15x20 in - signed l/edition - SOLD
4: To The Job - 15x20 ins - signed l/edition - SOLD
5: Love and the Moon - 24x30 ins - SOLD 
6: All the World is Playing - signed lithograph l/edition - image size 22x15 in -SOLD

Mackenzie Thorpe was born in northern England (1956), the eldest of seven children. He overcame dyslexia to become the world rewnowned artist he is today. 

Mackenzie attended Byam Shaw Art College in London. After 12 years living there he became disenchanted and moved back to Northern England.

His style whilst influenced by Van Gogh and Rothko remains unique to him...

‘Seeing the painting in the Tate for the first time changed my whole way of thinking. From then on I ate and drank modern art. Rothko, especially is one of my real heroes. I realised how important it was to put myself 'Mackenzie Thorpe', into my paintings'.

His work has sold out six exhibitions in the last few years. He had the biggest one man show ever held in Northern England at Allerton Castle, 1995. He was selected as the offical artist for the 1996 Artexpo LA and was commissioned by Elton John’s Aids Foundation to do the 1996 Holiday cards. Makenzie now resides in Richmond, North Yorkshire, with his wife Susan and his children Owen and Chloe.