1: 'New York IV' Original on box canvas - 70x70cm - £795
2: Original 'Abstract' box canvas - 
3: Fading Harbour Sun - embellished signed l/edition box canvas - 39 x 28 in
- £395

Madjid was born in Tehran in 1943, into the well known artistic Rahnavadkar family. Both his grandfather and his brother were also well-revered artists. As just a young man in the late 50s he was awarded several prestigious international art prizes for both his paintings and his sculptures.

Madjid has lived in Europe for almost 30 years, over 25 in Munich. He is one of the renowned group of artists of the Munich scene, where his artistic expression developed. He has been a contemporary favourite among collectors for many years. How Madjid really moves us is through his unconscious impressionism. Everything that he forms is full of his inner vitality. People and landscapes achieve their own dimension. Rather than focusing on the detail and the structure, Madjid suggests only the aspects that relate to mood, essence and atmosphere. He captures the world in powerful blurs of colour and light, as though experiencing it in brief glimpses through only half-opened eyes.

Madjid’s paintings are a ‘self portrait’ of himself, they emphasise his passionate energy and casual demeanour, his simple zest for life and almost flippant regard for particulars. As a man with a keen ear for jazz, his art follows the same philosophies - loose, colourful and infinitely expressive. His ability and industriousness have made his name and reputation on the international art scene, where his work is widely enjoyed across the UK, Europe, America and Asia. It can be found in many leading private exhibitions around the world.