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Nickys background is in fashion and textile design. Having graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1991, she moved into a highly specialised career as a milliner. Here her exceptional skills helped her to build a loyal and substantial client base amongst both private buyers and major agencies.

In 1997, Nicky decided to focus her creative talents in two entirely new areas fine art painting and interiors. With a wide network of contacts made over the previous six years she found a ready audience, and with their encouragement she finally gained the confidence to concentrate full time on her drawing and painting.

Nickys passion for pattern, texture, form and colour are apparent in all aspects of her work. Highly textured handmade papers and vibrant coloured inks form an effective medium for her enchanting subjects; the inks bleed into the paper in a manner reminiscent of fabric painting; a trademark of Nickys work that owes a lot to her background! Cats, dogs, handbags, shoes, furniture... just about anything that is found around the house has been turned into something memorable by her witty and observant hand.

A genuine outdoor girl, Nickys mountain biking, snowboarding and hiking have brought her into close contact with some magnificent scenery which has inspired her latest venture: a stunning set of seascapes on wood and canvas. Bold and imaginative, she adds a range of iridescent paints to the acrylics, altering the effect of each piece; as the light changes the image seems to fade along with the day.